Merge PST files – Single PST File is Easier to Handle!

Problems with Too Many PST Files: Gradually with time and constant usage of Outlook email application, your email data would keep on accumulating. You might be creating PST archive files recurrently to prevent slowness of the application and to prevent the online data storage limit of the mailbox to exceed. However, this huge collection of PST archive files can become a nuisance than an advantage. We would talk about the potential problems that can be created due to too many PST archive files, which are as follows:

  • Difficulty in Managing: A large number of PST archive files can be very cumbersome to manage and difficult to handle. However, your trouble can be terminated if you combine Outlook archive files into single PST file, which would be a lot easier & much more convenient to handle & mange. You can merge Outlook archive files by using a third-party tool (like PST Merge Software).
  • Difficulty in Information Search: Constant usage of your Microsoft Outlook email client for many years can led to the accumulation of numerous PST archive files, which can cause difficulty if you want to search for any old email information in these archive files. You would need to look into so many PST archive files to find the information you want, which is time wasting and annoying. If you merge Outlook archive folders and merge Outlook archive files into a single file using a third-party tool (like PST Merge software), then it would be unproblematic for you to search the information from that one single file.
  • Problem Causes Due to Multiple PST Archive Files Created Mistakenly: You want to transfer your email data from your old system to your new PC, which is apparently seeming difficult due to multiple PST files that you had created mistakenly. Imagine a case where you first archived old data (over 2 months old). Then you archived data again (4 months old) and again (3 months old) and so on. While doing so, the data got saved in several archive PST files (archive.pst, archive1.pst and so on). Now, you want only one archive PST file which you can easily transfer it to your new PC in one go. For this, you can combine archive folders in Outlook and can combine Outlook archive files into a single file using a third-party tool (like PST Merge software). Then, it would be easier for you to transfer your email data.

Merge Data file in Outlook easily and straight away with the help of PST merge Software. This Software will help you in Merge Outlook data files so that user can easily access their old data from their PST files without synchronizing various PST files from Microsoft Office Outlook. Generally many of the user split the Outlook files so that they can increase the pace speed of the Outlook but due to the many splinted PST file it's very hard to manage all these files.

Merge Outlook data files by PST Merge as this software supports all versions and coding of Outlook PST files and also it provides different types of options like user can create a new PST file by merging two Outlook PST files or user can also merge PST file to the current PST file which is already synchronized with the Outlook.

Key Features of Outlook PST Merge Software:

  • Merge all Items of Outlook PST files as emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes etc with its attachments.
  • Three merging options: Join Multiple Outlook PST files, Merge Multiple PST files and Merge folder of Contacts only.
  • Remove duplicate items of Outlook PST files while merging number of PST files into a single one.
  • Merge multiple PST files contacts folder into a single one, so that you can smoothly migrate contact list to different location.
  • No file size limitation restricted by the software for merging Outlook PST files data into a common file.
  • Merge both ANSI and UNICODE PST files of MS Outlook into a single UNICODE PST file.
  • After merging numerous files into one it allows to restore PST at the desired location in your machine
  • Support all existing editions of MS Outlook like: 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013 (32 & 64 bit)
  • It also provides a CSV report of merging process that carries complete of Outlook PST files.

We believe in 100% user satisfaction so before going for a license version goes through the demo edition of Outlook PST Merge software that helps to merge initial three folders of PST data file. Demo version is available free of cost at our website download it to know about its working in a most effective manner.

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